Functional Safety Workshop Support


Rio Tinto Iron Ore


Pilbara, Western Australia


Intellect Systems were engaged to provide a parts audit and generate testing and maintenance procedures for the functional safety systems of the new machinery assets at the 7 Mile RSM workshop.

Business Objective

Rio Tinto Iron Ore were looking to confirm compliance with the engineering standard to which the machines were designed (ISO13849). In addition, they also required us to integrate Functional Safety part details, testing and maintenance procedures into the business processes (SAP).

Challenges To Overcome

The project design basis was full of gaps with an incomplete documentation of machine operations and Functional Safety Systems. During the process design, issues with the safety systems were discovered and required further investigation.


To mitigate risk audits were undertaken for every part of the machines and engagement with vendors was required to identify and populate missing information. With the help of our TUV certified engineers, Intellect Systems utilised our Functional Safety expertise to develop procedures and identify design improvements.

Project Outcome

The final outcome of the project saw improved safety from periodic testing and detailed maintenance procedures, as well as design improvements to existing machines. Increased operational awareness of safety systems for personnel was also achieved as a product of the works.