Transfer Car PLC Upgrade


Rio Tinto Iron Ore


Pilbara, Western Australia


Intellect Systems were engaged to perform the Functional Safety design and PLC upgrade for a transfer car mobile machine. A transfer car is a machine used to relocate stackers and reclaimers between stockyard runways in older iron ore processing plants such as East Intercourse Island and Paraburdoo.

Business Objective

Our client was undertaking a complete electrical and control systems upgrade for the transfer car, to extend its operational life and improve overall safety for the field personnel who operate it.

Challenges To Overcome

A completely bespoke solution was required to detect when a machine was on board the transfer car and it was safe to permit relocation of the machine. This required a design that was robust, yet simple enough to integrate into their everyday procedures so as not to delay operations and production. The design included the automation of the transfer car to allow remote control and relocations without operator intervention in the field.


Our engineers researched the instrumentation options and carefully reviewed the mechanical design and operability to determine the most cost effective and efficient methods of implementing the safety functions. During this process we regularly interfaced with vendors and site stakeholders to ensure that the proposed solutions were fit for purpose and suitable for the application in every respect.