What We Do

Our comprehensive capabilities, diverse industry experience and fundamental technical know-how are scalable to suit your project requirements.

No two projects or clients are the same.  Our portfolio of specialist operational technology skills allow us to tailor our services to meet your needs. We understand project dynamics and our lean and flexible approach allows us to react to transient environmental and project requirements.

At Intellect Systems we drive projects by combining practical engineering methods, proven processes and emerging industry technologies. Our value proposition lies within our experience in integrating diverse technology platforms through a range of industrial processes and environments.  It’s this know how that gives us the edge in developing solutions that deliver tangible benefits – translating to cost, productivity and efficiency.

From Control Systems to Panel Manufacturing, Functional Safety, Communications or Electrical Design, or any combination of the above, we will work with you to navigate the minefield of technical challenges and provide unbiased advice and support that delivers real world results.

Our Services Include:

Control Systems

Innovative, sustainable and proven control systems and industrial automation solutions that deliver real world results.

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Progressive, practical and integrated Electrical Engineering know-how.

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Industrial IT

We provide unified solutions that put the information to take control of your plant and process in your hands.

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Panel Manufacturing

Practical, design driven Manufacturing Intelligence offering that delivers results in an integrated package.

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Functional Safety

Systematic approach coupled with comprehensive safety lifecycle skillsets.

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Process Optimisation

Extensive operational and industry specific experience to react and resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

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