Switchroom and Panel Manufacturing

Engineering DNA and industry leading manufacturing production in a safe and integrated package

Our manufacturing process is underpinned by our engineering knowledge and refined by our real-world execution and implementation experience, helping us to deliver integrated and unified operational technology projects.  From Switchrooms, Modular MCCs to Distribution boards, Marshalling and Communications cabinets our method is consistent.

Leveraging our core background in engineering and software development, along with our product knowledge, allows us to break down the barriers between design and manufacturing.  Our ability to do this in-house provides a streamlined, controlled and efficient solution fully validated.

Whatever the application we own and commit to the process, providing value and a quality product by ensuring consistency, eliminating interfaces and scope gaps and ultimately reducing management and risk.

Intellect Systems operates a state of the art manufacturing facility south of the river geared to catering for MCCs and switch rooms, large scale manufacturing as well as small panels.  With in-house automated wire processing, lasers, and labelling along with our skilled workforce of quality personnel and technicians we are able to deal with the demands of the most challenging projects.

Our in-house manufacturing capability means we can tailor a complete end-to-end solution precisely to your needs and process goals.

In the area of Manufacturing we specialise in:

  • Transportable Switchrooms (>20M)
  • Modular Control Rooms (inc containerised 20ft and 40ft)
  • HV\MV Kiosks
  • Internal and External Motor Control Centres
  • Field Marshalling and Control Panels
  • Site Main Switchboards and Distribution Boards
  • IO and junction Boxes
  • Remote Telemetry Panels and Skids
  • Communications Panels and Racks

We aim to create a bespoke manufactured solution that complies to the most stringent client and industry standards, in-house, cost-effectively.