Control Systems Controller Training


Rio Tinto Iron Ore.


Belmont (Perth Metro Area), Western Australia


The scope of the Operations Centre Controller Training project involved the development of five online interactive training modules for the key aspects of controlling the Cape Lambert port remotely. This training was developed specifically to mimic and simulate actual software packages used by controllers such as Wonderware HMI and InsightCM.

Business Objective

Our client identified a gap in the training regime for the controller group and wanted to consolidate the numerous manuals and technical guides produced by the Cape Lambert project team into simple, short and focused interactive sessions. A key requirement was to make the training sustainable in the longer term while also making it interesting and engaging for users.

Challenges To Overcome

The biggest challenge when developing the training was to consolidate and compress the key plant control information from the numerous manuals into a shortform course of 30-45 minutes. As controllers have a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, developing courses with the right balance of overview information and technical details was particularly challenging.


We leveraged our extensive knowledge of the Rio Tinto standards and operations combined with multiple sessions with stakeholders to formulate a framework for the module content.   The sessions with controllers were fundamental in establishing key workflows and tasks that would form the basis of the training content and assessments.

Project Outcome

The final result was a relevant and effective suite of training modules completed within budget, and was the first interactive training to be implemented in the new Rio Tinto format. Controller feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with the training modules being extended to a larger user group outside of the intended audience.